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Taiwan’s borders reopened to international tourism in October last year, but travelers are slow to return to the Asian island. To attract them, and support the recovery of the sector, the government announced a new package of measures, including incentives delivered directly to tourists.

These incentives will have a value of €154 for individual tourists, with a maximum of 500 thousand visitors, and there is also an amount destined for groups: €308 for groups between eight and 14 people, double for larger groups, up to a maximum of 90 thousand groups .

“The money will be distributed through multiple tourism promotion events this year, instead of distributing everything at once,” said Chang Shi-chung, director general of the Taiwan Tourism Agency, at a press conference on Thursday. last fair, cited by Taipei Times.

According to the person in charge, this means that “not all international tourists” will receive the incentive, being, for now, determined that “they will not receive it until their arrival” in Taiwan, also known as the island of Formosa. The idea is for the amount to be delivered “on an electronic card” and used “to pay for food, accommodation and other travel expenses” during the stay in Taiwan.

The measure’s implementation plan will be determined in an “appropriate” period of time, and it is yet to be decided whether the incentives will be distributed through a lottery or by airlines, for example, according to a spokesman for the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

“We hope to accelerate and expand the efforts for international tourists to come to Taiwan”, said, in a separate press conference, Lin Fu-shan, director of the department of the Ministry of Transport and Communications, quoted by Bloomberg.

The plan seeks to encourage, above all, the markets of Japan, South Korea, Europe, North America and neighboring countries, from Pakistan to New Zealand.

The measures are part of a package of incentives for the sector worth more than 160 thousand euros, allocated from last year’s surplus tax revenue.

The objective, outlined the prime minister, Chen Chien-jen, is to reach six million foreign tourists in 2023, double the value next year, and reach ten million in 2025, still short of 11.8 million visitors. international events in 2019, the year in which the island recorded a record number of tourists.

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