Taiwanese tourist disappears after swimming in the Oaxaca lagoon; they look for her

The young foreigner was last seen on the afternoon of February 6 before entering the Chacahua lagoon to cross into another community.

Mexico City, February 9 (However).- A Taiwanese tourist28 years old, disappeared last Monday off the coast of Oaxaca, when he was swimming with his partner during his visit to the Lagunas de Chacahua National Park.

According to the civil protection authorities, Elisa Schwartz arrived with her boyfriend, of German origin, on January 29 to the beaches of the Oaxacan municipality of Villa de Tututepec.

The tourist, who was last seen on February 6 in the National Park, would cross the bocabarra to reach the community of La Grúa, in San Pedro Tututepec, according to her boyfriend Aljoscha Ritter, however, the young woman no longer appeared .

Elisa Schwartz arrived with her boyfriend in Oaxaca on January 29. Photo: Special

Ritter told authorities that the disappearance of Elisa, who was wearing an orange top and a green bikini, occurred around 7:00 p.m. Monday.

The municipal coordinator of Civil Protection in the coastal area, Esteban Vásquez Hernández, assured that on February 7 they began the search for the young woman with diving equipment.

In turn, local boatmen joined the location and toured the area fearing that the missing young woman had been dragged by the current into open water, which would complicate her exit.

Rescue personnel began the search, so far without any sign of the young foreigner. Photo: Special

For the authorities, the foreign woman could have been swept away by the current or attacked by the fauna that is in the habitat, although they maintain operations in the lagoon area and Chacahua beach.

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