Tajín Summit 2023 will seek to promote and exalt the Totonac culture with activities

This edition will give great weight to the activities that promote the learning and care of the Totonaca culture, so the Takilhsukut Theme Park will have a special schedule to access for free and take part in the workshops.

Mexico City, February 12 (However).- Cumbre Tajín will be held this year from March 21 to 26 in order to promote and care for the Totonac culture among those attending this event, for which the motto of this 2023 is “Culture that transcends”. This edition returns with more strength and energy as it will feature 700 activities, workshops and ceremonies, in addition to the long-awaited concerts.

“You cannot miss Cumbre Tajín 2023 from March 21 to 26 because we are going to have more than 700 activities on these working days, we are going to have international artists, we are going to have knowledge activities, learning, culture, folklore tradition, crafts , but also an endless number of leisure activities”, he told However Iván Martínez Olvera, Secretary of Tourism and Culture of Veracruz.

The Tajín Summit will feature meetings and workshops. Photo: Courtesy

Cumbre Tajín 2023 will feature more than 475 workshops and exhibitions in which those attending the Takilhsukut Theme Park and the Center for Indigenous Arts can enjoy and participate. An important fact is that the entrance will be free from 11 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon, this in order that people can get involved and learn from the Totonaca culture; For those who seek to arrive only to the concerts or after 4 in the afternoon, access will cost 100 pesos.

“They will be able to enjoy with their family, with their children, with their partner, hot air balloons, zip lines, climbing walls, little train for children, but our school houses will give you access to enjoy all these benefits. For this and much more, you cannot miss the Tajín Summit 2023”, added the Secretary of Tourism and Culture of Veracruz.

Veracruz gastronomy has amazed many because of its millennial history. Photo: Courtesy for SinEmbargo

Also present at the presentation event were Eric Domínguez Vázquez, Mayor of Papantla, Veracruz; Héctor Aguilera Lira, Undersecretary of Tourism Promotion; Rebeca Quintanar Barceló, Director of the State System for the Comprehensive Development of the Family and María Luisa Santes Santes, General Director of the Veracruz Institute for Indigenous Affairs (IVAIS).

The Mayor of Papantla took the opportunity to mention that “Papantla is a place where everyone fits” and mention that this event shows the culture, art and wisdom of Papantla.

Who will perform at the concerts? It is no secret that Cumbre Tajín has presented throughout its editions singers and bands that people are looking forward to with excitement. This year the musical cast includes Molotov, Residente, as well as Juan Magán and the Romanian singer Inna. There will also be the presence of local groups and other figures to be confirmed.

Residente will be presented at Cumbre Tajín. Photo: Facebook Cumbre Tajín Festival

The Secretary of Tourism and Culture of Veracruz, Iván Martínez, made it very clear that the musical part is only a complement, what is really important is the culture, the workshops, the gastronomy, the School Houses, the knowledge of the grandparents that they share in this event, so they have activities to learn and preserve the richness of the Totonaca culture.

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