TAP: Commission of Inquiry approves all requests for party documents | TAP

The TAP inquiry commission approved this Wednesday all the requests from the parties with the documents to be requested from the different entities, which then have 10 days to send them to parliament.

In a short meeting of the parliamentary commission of inquiry into the political supervision of the management of TAP to deliberate on these requests, the chairman, the socialist Jorge Seguro Sanches, said that all the parties had submitted their requests, proposing that they be approved.

The president’s objective is that, preferably on Thursday, the services send to the respective entities the requests that, according to the Legal Regime of Parliamentary Inquiries, have 10 days to respond.

Jorge Seguro Sanches explained that, as soon as these documents reach parliament, the commission of inquiry will move on “to the next stage”, that is, the request for the hearings and their timetable.

The chairman of the commission, as he has done since taking office last week, reiterated the appeals for the speed of the work, since it is running “against time” since the object of this commission has set its duration at 90 days .

According to Seguro Sanches, it will still be necessary to decide whether or not to carry out a questionnaire, since, according to the legal regime, “the commission can be guided by an indicative questionnaire formulated initially”.

The choice of the rapporteur, who may be individual or collective, will have to be made by the fifth meeting of the committee of inquiry, the president recalled.

By proposal of the coordinator of the PS, deputy Carlos Pereira, there will be a meeting of the table and coordinators next Tuesday, reminding the socialist that it is necessary to decide, for example, on which days this commission will meet.

The PS advanced on Monday to Lusa that the socialists asked for the agreement to disassociate Alexandra Reis from TAP and the information given by the chairman to the Government on the same, as well as the report of the Inspectorate General of Finance (IGF) on this matter.

On the day of the inauguration of the commission of inquiry proposed by BE, the blockade deputy Mariana Mortágua announced that the party, among others, would request “all correspondence between the administration of TAP and the political guardianships in the various ministries on management awards , termination bonuses or wages” of the company.

In addition to the IGF report, the PSD wants access to all internal and external communication from the Government on the case of Alexandra Reis.

IL wants to know, among other requests, the contracts of Alexandra Reis, the CEO of TAP and the other directors, as well as the registration of awards and compensation awarded in the company between 2019 and 2022.

Chega also wants to know the airline’s restructuring plan “delivered in Brussels in its entirety and without erasures” and the legal opinion requested by TAP from the law firm SRS Legal, regarding the compensation of half a million euros to Alexandra Reis .

The PCP required, for example, the “presentation of documentation on the purchase of aircraft, on the remuneration of managers in the last ten years, on the deals that the private shareholder made with TAP, benefiting Atlantic Gateway”.

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