Targino Gondim animates revelers at the Osmar circuit

The Nelson Maleiro catwalk, on the Osmar circuit (Campo Grande), was taken over by the energy of forró this Saturday (18). And who put everyone to drag their feet was the singer and composer Targino Gondim. To warm up the audience and start the parade, he sang his hit “Pra Se Aninhar”.

In the popcorn trio, supported by the City of Salvador, the singer also played hits by the King of Baião, Luiz Gonzaga, such as “A Vida do Viajante”, making those present get emotional. Along the way, in an unusual encounter, the artist even performed a duet with singer Alexandre Leão, enchanting the audience with the song “Esperando na Janela”.

It is worth mentioning that, this year, Targino is releasing the song “Essa Menina” at Carnival, made in partnership with Carlinhos Brown.

The audience also approved the passage of forrozeiro in Campo Grande. Soteropolitanas and sisters Nara and Leila Cabral declared themselves to be fans of the singer and cheered a lot at the beginning of the artist’s fashion show.

“I think these Carnival mixes are wonderful. Salvador’s party always brings news and having Targino Gondim here is a delight. I love Carnival, I come to enjoy it on other days, but today I insisted on enjoying it behind his trio because he is too good”, said Nara.

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