Tatá Werneck gets angry and detonates a follower who criticized her using Paulo Gustavo

the presenter Tata Werneck returned to arguing with followers on social media. This time, the commander of the program Lady Night, on the Multishow channel, was attacked by an internet user who used the actor’s name Paulo Gustavo, who died a victim of Covid-19 in May this year, to attack her. Very angry, she was responding to criticisms made after a speech about Dayane Mello, participant of The Farm 13.

Attacking Tatá and claiming that she was inciting hatred for the participant, the user in question used mockery and said that “Paulo Gustavo is proud of his little friend in heaven. Very angry, she replied. “You shit* will use my friend’s name to attack me in the asshole house! You shit*! You are disgusting! I’m being polite so far. Go use his name in your c*, you bitch. Denounce that shit*”, asked the comedian. A few minutes later, the message author deleted the post.

Discussion with followers

Tatá Werneck’s “fight” with Dayane Mello’s fans began after the comedian criticized a speech by the participant of A Fazenda 13, in which she said that the other pawns on the reality show are not at her level because they are “shameless”. Tatá, then, recalled that he defended Dayane earlier this year, when the model was on the Grande Fratello Vip program, which is a kind of Italian Big Brother with celebrities.

We are short here, but we went to defend you without even knowing if you were right, just because you are Brazilian. I fought with some Italians because of you”, complained the famous woman. Soon after, Mello’s many fans began to detonate Tatá.

Exchange of barbs on the web

Widely detonated by internet users, Tatá Werneck read that he was disappointing his followers. Annoyed, she replied with mockery and said that people are selective. “Guys, you are very selective, right? I pick a fight with Italy! I’m cursed for defending her at BBB Italy and now I can’t regret it? Beijão loves”, the comedian fired.

After having her posture criticized by a fan who commented on some of the events of the reality show, the Lady Night presenter returned to mocking. “Guys, kisses. Back to my life here. Very sorry to have bought the fans fight with Italians to be nice to you. You have short memories. The same fans now call me names. I stopped here, ok? Kisses”, said Tatá, who also discussed with other fans.

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