Tatá Werneck reveals that he called Lexa before airing the interview

		Tatá Werneck reveals that he called Lexa before airing the interview
Photo: Reproduction / Social networks

Tatá Werneck used social networks this Friday (17), to say that he spoke with Lexa before showing the interview that the singer talks about MC Guimê, expelled from ‘Big Brother Brasil 23’ after accusations of sexual harassment against Mexican Dania Mendez.

The episode of ‘Lady Night’ aired early this Friday, after the Globo newspaper. Sônia Bridi also participated in the attraction. In the chat, the artist said she was in love with her husband and detailed her participation in ‘The Masked Singer’.

“I called Lexa because there was an option to remove parts of Guimê. Lexa herself said that it was okay to leave it as it was, because everyone knew it was recorded. I also spoke to her mother, who opted for the same”, said the presenter.

It is worth mentioning that the alleged abuses took place during the last party of the TV Globo reality show. On the occasion, the singer, who was watched by Bruna Griphao throughout the night, caressed Dania’s back while she talked to other participants.

The sister quickly removed Guimê’s hand, and for the viewers, Dania showed a certain discomfort with the situation, leading the public to accuse the participant of harassment.

MMA fighter Cara de Sapato was also expelled from the program. He is also being accused of harassment for stealing a kiss from Dania.


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