Tatau and Emanuelle Araújo are unmasked in ‘The Masked Singer’

Two Bahians were unmasked on ‘The Masked Singer Brasil’ in the special carnival episode this Sunday (19): Tatau and Emanuelle Araújo. The two experienced the TV Globo program presented by Ivete Sangalo dressed as Romeo and Juliet.

“The Masked Singer gave me the opportunity to be, during all these weeks of hard work, next to my friend, my colleague, my idol who is Tatau. I already feel absolutely victorious”celebrated Emanuelle. “For me, working with Manu was a pleasure, it was an honor”said Tatau.

Emanuelle became nationally known in 1999 after replacing Ivete Sangalo as the lead singer of Banda Eva. She stayed with the band until 2002. Tatau, in turn, consolidated himself in music after becoming the lead singer of the group Araketu. See the video below:

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