“Tatort”-Münster: death among influencers film.at

Many suspects

But it quickly becomes clear: hurtful comments did not drive Evita Vogt to suicide. In fact, she was already dead before she was hung from a cable. While Boerne ponders the exact cause of death and deals with the unreliable medical student – and big “MagicMom” fan – Emmalotta Suhr (Yvonne Pferrer), Thiel begins the investigation. 630,000 people follow the experiences of “MagicMom” on the Internet. “Twice the population of Munster,” the inspector states, unnerved, and initially hands over the search to his assistant Mirko Schrader (Björn Meyer).

There is no shortage of suspects offline either. For example, there is a jealous neighbor and another influencer who is trying her luck online as “BusyBine”. For Thiel and Boerne, the investigations among successful women increasingly shake the male self-image. It is fitting that prosecutor Klemm (Mechthild Großmann) wants to create a new position for a sensitivity officer.

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