“Tatort: ​​What kind of world is that”: The new case takes place in Vienna

Bigger role for Stipsits successor

In the new thriller, the successor to assistant Manfred Schimpf (Thomas Stipsits, 39) is given a larger role. Her character can grow, show new facets and the viewers sometimes follow her in the investigations – and not the old hands. The figure also stands in contrast to Fellner and Eisner. While old school, shame stands for innovation and novelty. She wants to simplify processes and promote digitization in the office – while the two investigators turn up their noses skeptically.

The young colleague suffers “from the way Bibi and Moritz work, who in their eyes are stuck in outdated structures and are therefore unable to work more efficiently and quickly,” explains Adele Neuhauser. Along the way, the three of them solve an exciting case that has some surprising twists and turns. However, many storylines run parallel, which can be confusing at times. Jumps in time also don’t always make it easy for the audience to follow. But those who stick with it will be rewarded.

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