Crash towards Claromecó

In the early hours of this Friday a shuttle was involved in a dangerous accident en route to Claromeco when collided with a loose cow. Due to the impact, the car was destroyed but the driver did not suffer serious injuries.

The man was driving a Fiat Siena and the accident occurred around 4:30 a.m. on Route 73, a few kilometers from the intersection with Route 72. Police personnel and firefighters intervened at the scene, assisting the driver until arrival. of the ambulance and was transferred to the Hospital Pirovano de Tres Arroyos.

Crash towards Claromecó (Kindness La Voz del Pueblo/)

The impact caused the animal to die instantly, while the driver suffered some bumps and cuts, but nothing more serious than putting his life at risk. However, the car does show strong signs of violence as a result of the accident. Hours later, by Friday morning, the Police had already released traffic on Route 73.

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