This is stated in the report of the Special Group for the Fight against Animal Abuse (Gelma) of the Prosecutor’s Office, presented at the hearing before a judge of guarantees on November 21, according to Blu Radio.

The man he was driving a taxi down a street in the Jiménez de Quesada neighborhood of the town of Bosa and when he saw the dog he ran him over in an apparently deliberate way.

However, the individual was committing a double offense since His driver’s license was suspended for 5 years, but he also had a 10-year ban on driving public service vehicles, indicated the accusing entity, quoted by the station.

The charges that the taxi driver who killed a puppy in Bogotá will face

The same media also detailed that the defendant was charged with the crimes of “Aggravated animal abuse and fraud to judicial or administrative police resolution“.

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The taxi driver, who was “disengaged” from the company for which he worked, did not accept the charges.

The report also details that the animal, a French poodle breed, “suffered broken ribs, ruptured bladder, and other internal injuries that caused his death ”.

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