Tays Reis gets a kiss from Biel on the pregnant belly and enchants fans

the funker Biel left the Instagram cuteness blast this past Thursday (13), by posting a sequence of clicks from a walk with Tays Reis on Barra da Tijuca beach, in Rio de Janeiro.

In the post, the artist appeared exchanging affection with his wife while she took the opportunity to cool off in a shower installed on the beach. Showing that he is enjoying his wife’s pregnancy, he kissed the singer’s belly a few weeks ago.

And him thinking we wouldn’t see it 🤪❤️“, said the artist, needling the paparazzi who was accompanying him on the beach. The couple’s records yielded more than 198,000 likes.

Among the comments, friends and fans sent messages melted by the romantic moment. “Blessed family ❤️”, he wrote MC Lan. “The little family enjoying a Thursday afternoon on the beach in Rio..❤️”, said one follower. “You are so beautiful,” said another.

Earlier this week Bil shared on his social network a video of a ultrasound in which the baby appears formed for the first time.

“People from heaven, what is this feeling? 😍 Put firewood on the fire there that we want to grab soon! 👶 We received the same ultrasound from the clinic that we saw the last time we went there to share it with you! ❤️ Do you look like PIETRO OR PIETRA? Hahahah”, he said all silly.

Pregnancy announcement for fans

The news about the pregnancy of Tays Reis and Bil took several fans of the couple by surprise. Amidst the excitement for the end-of-year festivities, the artists shared a video of the moment where they see their first pregnancy ultrasound.

“I always knew you would be the father of my child. As I always knew he would come at the right time. When daddy from heaven gave the blessing! In the midst of so many speculations and statements from third parties, I always made it clear that when my baby came I would come talk to you myself, because this news is so special and so magical that even words escape… Biel our baby is coming bae. And I put the music he made for me in the background, I know it wasn’t supposed to come out like this, but there’s no more special moment than this! From now on, to love and, much love, for this new phase of our life, which I rebuke now, in Jesus name, for all the evil that was launched in our lives! Come baby! Dad, Mom and your family are waiting for you to love you so much!” Tays wrote.

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