Android 12 review. The biggest leap in the right direction in recent years.  But so far only for someone

Although the TCL brand may not be as well established in the market as it is with TVs, it is trying to show that its customer support is exemplary. The company has now said that thanks to close cooperation with Google, it will start updating selected models on Android 12 from December.

The updates will cover this year’s TCL 20 series of smartphones. A total of four models are on sale in our market. As expected, the flagship TCL 20 Pro 5G will be updated first, just during December. Lower TCL 20 SE, TCL 20L and TCL 20R models will be added in the coming weeks.

TCL uses Android in a virtually clean design with only a few of its own changes. The goal of the brand is for the user to be able to adapt the environment to their needs. The new version also improves interoperability with other devices.

With the December update, TCL will actually be among the first brands to offer an update on Android 12. The latest version of the system from Google can be used by owners of Pixel smartphones and, since last week, also by users of the flagship Galaxy S21 series from Samsung. Asus also wants to update its top model Zenfone 8 in December.

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