Teachers to strike assessments at the end of the school year | teachers’ unions

The platform of nine trade union organizations announced this Monday that the strike at the end of the school year is really about to go ahead. “On the table is also the strike for the final evaluations. Initially we hypothesized [de a fazer] to the second period”, but since there are schools on a semester basis, the unions opted for the end of the year, said the leader of Fenprof, which is part of the group of nine.

“It was consensual that if it was for the evaluations, it would be for the finals”, added the general secretary of the National Federation of Teachers (Fenprof).

In addition to the strike for assessments, the union platform will also deliver strike notices to start a one-week stoppage, starting on the 27th. This strike will fall on overtime, that is, “all work beyond 35 hours” – meetings included -, all the work of the establishment’s non-academic component (plus meetings).

For the same week, a strike is also scheduled for the last daily time of each teacher. Back this week, schools enter the Easter vacation period.

On the way back, on April 17th, it will be time for a new strike by districts, similar to the one called by the union platform in January. This time, the stoppage will start in Porto, on the 17th of April, continuing afterwards in reverse alphabetical order, that is, Viseu will follow, then Vila Real, until reaching Aveiro on the 11th of May and ending in Lisbon on the 11th of May. following day.

It should be recalled that Fenprof is part of the platform of nine union structures, which also include the National Federation of Education (FNE), the National and Democratic Union of Teachers (SINDEP), the Union Association of Licensed Teachers (ASPL), the National Union of Teachers Licensed by Polytechnics and Universities (SPLIU), the Union of Educators and Teachers Licensed by Higher Schools of Education and Universities (SEPLEU), the National Union of Education Professionals (SINAPE), the Pro-Order of Teachers and the Independent Union of Teachers and Educators (SIPE).

As I had already announced at the end of the last negotiating meeting with the Ministry of Education (ME), on the 6th of June there will be a national teachers’ strike, which will be accompanied by a demonstration. Nogueira hopes it will be as popular as the one held last month, which will have brought together around 150,000 people.

And why that date (06/06/2023)? Because it symbolically represents the six years, six months and 23 days that remain from the period of service that was frozen.

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