Team emerges as favorites to stay with Marcus Stroman

The St. Louis Cardinals emerge as favorites to sign the pitcher Marcus Stroman in this agency I lie from the MLB.

In 2201 free agency there are only two pitchers available who aim to sign a contract that exceeds 100 million, they are Robbie Ray who has just won the Cy Young, Max Scherzer who was a finalist in the National League and Marcus Stroman who comes from one of the best seasons of his career.

However, multiple teams can’t come up with Robbie Ray’s price and wouldn’t take the risk with Max Scherzer because of his age, so they would go for a pitcher like Marcus Stroman who is younger and the rotation around him can be rebuilt.

Without a doubt the Cardinals have to go for young pitchers and forget about forming a rotation with veterans who are not durable, their era with Michael Wacha, Mike Leake, Carlos Martínez and Adam Wainwright seems to end, the future of the “Tsunami” is uncertain in the majors and Adam is aiming to retire after 2022.

Marcus Stroman knows both the National and American League, at 30 he has proven to be an elite competitor and he is the problem of injuries, not injuries to his body, he works until he can not.

Stroman numbers in 2021

Stroman was 10-13 with a 3.02 ERA, 179 innings, 158 strikeouts, 1.14 WHIP and a good war at 2.5.

Stroman will turn 31 in May, but between his track record and his success in 2021, it seems pretty likely that he’ll land at least a four-year deal this winter, and maybe even five years.

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