Teams suspend searches in São Sebastião due to new rains

The search and rescue teams of the Fire Department and Civil Defense paralyzed work this afternoon (28) in São Sebastião (SP) due to heavy rains that hit the region again. The authorities were looking, in the morning, for a man missing since the storm of the last day 19, in the neighborhood of Vila Baleia Verde.

The Civil Defense issued an alert late this afternoon for heavy rain in the region, with the possibility of new landslides, valid until next Thursday (2). “There is a forecast for showers of rain, accompanied by electrical discharges, strong gusts of wind and hail”, says the alert. “Special attention is recommended to the most vulnerable areas, as there may be a risk of landslides, landslides, floods, floods and occurrences related to lightning, wind and hail”.

According to the state government, so far, 65 deaths have been confirmed due to heavy rains in the region: 64 in São Sebastião and one in Ubatuba (SP). 57 bodies were identified and released for burial: 21 adult men, 17 adult women and 19 children.

The Secretary of State for Health reported that seven people are hospitalized at the North Coast Regional Hospital (HRLN), in Caraguatatuba (SP). Their state of health is stable. Another 16 patients have already been discharged from hospital and five have been transferred to other units. The government accounted for 1,090 evacuees and 1,126 evacuees in the region.

The Mogi-Bertioga Highway (SP-098) remains completely closed due to the rupture of a pipe, at kilometer 82, in Biritiba Mirim (SP). The emergency works began on the 21st, with a forecast of releasing traffic in two months and completion in up to six months. At km 174 of Rio-Santos (SP-055), the road is subject to temporary interruptions, depending on weather conditions.

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