Teen in the US faces between 9 years and life in prison
Teen in the US faces between 9 years and life in prison

New York, (EFE) – A New York judge determined this Thursday that a 16-year-old must serve between nine years in prison and life in prison for the murder of a university student in December 2019, when the author was 14 years old, in one case that caused a commotion in the city.

Two teenagers, 14 and a 13-year-old, were then charged in the death of 18-year-old Tessa Majors, who had recently moved from Virginia to New York to study at Barnard University.

Today, one of the murderers, Luciano Lewis, heard the sentence imposed by Judge Robert Mandelbaum, of the Supreme Court in Manhattan, and which will be confirmed with time and the progress of the process, in a hearing in which Inman was present Majors, the victim’s father, who couldn’t hold back crying.

Lewis pleaded guilty last month to second-degree murder and first-degree robbery, notes the New York Post.

“On December 11, 2019, the hopes and dreams of our daughter Tess came to a tragic end,” Majors said in her written statement, which was read by the prosecutor in the case, Anthony Bogdanos.

In his writing Majors, an English professor at James Madison University in Virginia, spoke of the “immeasurable pain, trauma and suffering” that his family has endured since the murder of their daughter, the newspaper adds.

Majors was killed by a stab to the heart in a botched robbery attempt while walking through Morningside Park, near Barnard College where she was studying, and Columbia University in Manhattan.

In addition to Lewis, Rashaun Weaver, then 14 years old, who is identified as the perpetrator of the crime and who is still awaiting trial, and Zyairr Davis, 13 years old, were also arrested.

Davis reportedly confessed that he and his friends went to the park with the idea of ​​carrying out “robberies.”

Lewis was the one who grabbed Majors with a headlock as Weaver stabbed her.

Before sentencing, the judge indicated that “sadly and worryingly, the defendant has learned no lesson”, referring to the fact that Lewis, once in prison, was found guilty of smuggling and of having participated in the assault on another inmate in a dispute over a blanket.

Lewis said for his part he was “ashamed and sad” without looking at Majors’ father. “I’m not the monster that you once thought I was,” said the young man, who also spoke a few words to his own father: “I’m sorry I failed you. I promise you that I will make you proud again.”

Davis, the youngest of 13, was the first to plead guilty and was charged in 2020 with first-degree robbery and sentenced to 18 months in detention, after being tried as a juvenile.

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