Teenager beaten after suspected robbery in Salvador

		Teenager beaten after suspected robbery in Salvador
Photo: Disclosure/PM. Photo: Disclosure/PM

A teenager was beaten, last Friday (17), by people passing through the region of Alameda das Espatódeas, in Caminho das Árvores, a prime area of ​​Salvador. According to the Military Police, he was accused of theft.

In a statement, police from the 35th CIPM reported that they had received a complaint that a teenager “had been lynched by people after robbing a woman.”

The military went to the scene and found the victim with bodily injuries. He was rescued by Samu. There is no information about the health status of the young man. The assault or the state of health of the alleged victim has also not been confirmed.

The crime was not registered either at the neighborhood unit or at the Adolescent Offender Police Station (DAI).


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