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The All-Russian Festival of Technological Achievements “Technosreda” opens in Moscow today – the key event of the Year of Science and Technology.

On September 25 and 26 at VDNKh, leading scientific and technological companies, universities and research institutes will show their unique developments, and scientists will hold lectures and master classes. The main organizer of the festival is the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation.

According to the ministry, the festival will transform VDNKh – the exhibition will turn into a single demonstration space, divided into several thematic zones. Entrance to all sites is free.

To the attention of visitors – more than 500 unique developments from Russian universities and research institutes, and at once on three sites. They will show models of installations of nuclear complexes, small-sized robots-scouts and a robot-football player – a member of the robotic football team “Starkit”. Everyone will be able to try on VR glasses and study the Arctic Floating University project in detail.

Perm Polytechnic University will hold a master class with a robot-consultant Dobrynya, who will help the participants choose a workout on a special simulator.

MIPT will present software for designing intelligent virtual business assistants. The All-Russian Research Institute of Physical, Technical and Radio Engineering Measurements will show a spectrophotometric analyzer and an indicator of sulfur in automotive fuel. These devices will find synthetic colors in beverages, palm oil in oils, and sulfur in automotive fuels. Everyone can test them right on the site.

More than 20 Russian inventors will also present their projects. There are interactive presentations of a 3D printer, artificial intelligence that creates portraits from threads, a terminator robot, titanium 3D prostheses for animals with amputated paws. The hit of the program, for sure, will be the humanoid robot Robo-C, which can memorize and recognize interlocutors, control household appliances and connect to any services and applications.

In the “Inventors” zone there will be a separate area where guests of the festival can ride a wooden bike, jogger, sun runner, electric water car and look into a mobile home.

Search and rescue team “LisaAlert” will talk about new technologies for finding people using unmanned drones.

The Polytechnic Museum has prepared an interesting program for both large and small visitors.

For adults – an open dialogue between people with disabilities and developers of devices to make life easier for people with disabilities, as well as a discussion on the topic “How to stop climate change?”

For children – an interactive science show “How to see sound?”, Workshops “Why don’t people in Australia fall into space?”, “Where do the waves go?”, Inventive workshops and lectures.

In general, the festival will be very interesting for children. In addition to the Polytech site, there is a separate children’s program.

Experimental Botany from Skoltech – children will learn why plants need pigments and how they can be used in various chemical experiments.

The Kulibin PRO School of Engineering Creativity will hold a master class on assembling and programming robots.

Representatives of the Moscow State University of Technology Razumovsky will tell you everything about essential oils and reveal the technique of making perfumes, and will also teach you how to make flowers from sugar mastic.

by the way

On September 25, within the framework of the Technosreda festival, the opening of the second season of the Science. Territory of Heroes project will take place – the start of the all-Russian registration for the scientific competition for schoolchildren of grades 5-11 and university students will be announced. To participate, you need to register on the platform heroes.godnauki.rf and complete tasks of different types. Answers to many tasks can be found in articles and video guided tours published on the platform. valuable gifts, including certificates for computers, tablets and other useful equipment, and the opportunity to compete for the main prizes in the form of trips to the research campuses of the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) and Innopolis University. Finalists will receive valuable gifts, including certificates for computers, tablets and other useful equipment. The main prizes are trips to the scientific campuses of the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) and Innopolis University.

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