Former president Michel Temer phoned Jair Bolsonaro this Tuesday (14) and explained the satire that the communicator André Marinho made of him at a dinner at the home of businessman Naji Nahas in São Paulo.

He told the president that Marinho also imitated him and that no one at the meeting was making fun of Bolsonaro. Contrary to what some press reports showed, Nahas’ guests just laughed at various jokes and satires made by the communicator.

The potential for intrigue was great: the communicator, a constant critic of Bolsonaro and the Pocketnaristas, is the son of businessman Paulo Marinho.

Alternate senator to Flávio Bolsonaro, Paulo Marinho played an important role in the 2018 election, but broke up with the presidential family.

According to an interlocutor with a direct connection with Bolsonaro, the president reassured Michel Temer. “Don’t worry your head,” he said. He also stated that he is already used to criticism and irony.

At dinner, Marinho, who is a commentator for radio Jovem Pan, imitated Bolsonaro and pretended that he was talking to Temer about the meeting the president had with him last week, which resulted in a letter and a retreat from the president of the coup statements he made in the acts of 7 September.


“As for the president, I have to thank you [Temer] awesome, because you saved the bald guy here from getting a bloody hemorrhoid,” said André Marinho, imitating Bolsonaro’s voice. I’m thinking it was Michelzinho [filho de 12 anos do presidente] that you sent to me,” he followed.

Temer laughed at the joke and, along with other dinner guests, applauded André Marinho.

The communicator continued with his satire: “Where’s the part I agreed with you about burning the STF? Where’s the part I agreed to steal the wigs from [presidente do STF, Luís] Fux? Where’s the part I arranged to ride a macaw’s stick in Praça dos Três Poderes and ‘give’ Alexandre de Moraes with a cane?”, he said.

In the call to Bolsonaro, the former president stated that the commentator of Jovem Pan also imitated Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Ciro Gomes and São Paulo governor João Doria.


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