Temporary traffic light between Juracy Magalhães and Alameda dos Ipês is deactivated

The provisional traffic light, located between the Alameda dos Ipês and Juracy Magalhães Jr. will be permanently deactivated from this Wednesday (8).

With this, drivers who are on Alameda dos Ipês (Horto Florestal) bound for Pituba or Avenida Paralela should make the return in front of the Embasa unit, which is on Juracy Magalhães Jr., and no longer on the return that is on height of the Mercado do Rio Vermelho.

The deactivation is necessary in view of the progress of the BRT works, as well as the release of vehicle traffic through the Rei Pelé Complex. The work also has the objective of improving the fluidity on Avenida Juracy Magalhães, towards Lucaia.

Signage on site will be reinforced to inform drivers, pedestrians and passengers. Traffic and transport agents will be on site to guide the citizen.

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