Ten thousand crimes in two months in Angola.  Assaults in Luanda worry authorities

Angola recorded, between August and September, 10,788 crimes, informed this Tuesday the National Police, who expressed concern about the growing number of robberies in the capital, Luanda.

In the presentation of the public security situation of the last 60 days in the country, the Angolan National Police spokesman, commissioner Orlando Bernardo, admitted that the province of Luanda has registered a series of armed robberies “in broad daylight” , causing a feeling of insecurity among citizens.

Orlando Bernardo said that the police are aware of the crime problem in the country and admitted that “the situation must be resolved”.

According to Orlando Bernardo, the videos relating to at least five armed robberies during the day in Luanda, broadcast on social networks, “brought with them a very great feeling of insecurity to the citizens”.

“And at the same time, it awoke the need to accelerate police response procedures, within the framework of prevention, investigation and instruction, in order to return a feeling of police coverage to public safety”, he acknowledged.

In the country as a whole, 6,694 crimes were clarified out of the ten thousand cases registered in August and September, with 7,307 people arrested on suspicion of having committed various crimes.

The data released indicate that violent crimes represent 27% (2,889) of the general total, namely homicides, robberies and sexual assault, with the crimes that increase the criminal statistics the most, thefts and offenses to physical integrity, representing 46% (4,992) of the total, and occur mostly in areas that escape police surveillance, that is, in homes.

Orlando Bernardo stressed that most crimes reported on social networks were cleared up, with the suspects arrested, stressing that the way in which the crimes had been committed drew attention, with characteristics different from the usual ones.

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