"Terribly operated on": Joan Collins draws on top stars in her memoir

No question: this woman has the official addition “lady” in her name (the counterpart to “sir”), but – loosely based on Hildegard Knef’s hit: “I think she will never be a lady”. And that’s good! Because: Joan (Henrietta) Collins, an unshakable 88 since May 23, has that brilliantly wicked British humor that she apparently urgently needed for her world career.

The native of London, who made it from photo model to film and TV star, now presents her memoir as a talented and well-respected author: “My Unapologetic Diaries”, which can be translated as uncompromising to outrageous diaries. And this is exactly how the well-calculated accounts of the seemingly timeless diva read, who has been married to the 32-year-old Peruvian producer since 2002 in her fifth marriage Percy Gibson commutes between Paddington and Saint-Tropez. The three children, two from the second and one from the third marriage, are long gone.

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