Teruel case: the prosecutor asked for 17 years in prison for two violations

The Public Prosecutor’s Office of Salta reported this Thursday that the prosecutor in the case where Lautaro Teruel is accused of two violations, one of them against a minor, requested a sentence of 17 years in prison for the accused.

Teruel is accused in two causes for crimes of sexual abuse. The first refers to a complaint filed in March 2019 by the mother of a minor under 11 years old; and the second dates from May of the same year, in this case the victim said that the incident took place in January or February 2014, when she was 19 years old.

In the case that deals with this last fact, the criminal prosecutor Federico Obeid requested 8 years in prison for two other co-defendants in one of the cases, Silvio Rodríguez and Gonzalo Farfán, indicated NA. “The defendants are close friends“and that” they tried to cover themselves up and put together a tailor-made story, “he said.

Lautaro Teruel relativized the accusations and was repentant

In addition, Obeid maintained that “Teruel was aware that the victim was drunk to gain access to her while she was with the co-defendant Rodríguez,” and that “both Rodríguez and Farfán intentionally failed to prevent Teruel from accessing the victim“.

“There is no doubt that the situation was stopped by the victim when he realized what was happening,” said the prosecutor, who added that “there was a common agreement of the defendants in carnally accessing the victim.”

Teruel, son of one of the members of the musical group Los Nocheros, told the Court: “I am very sorry for what I did and my intention was always to remedy what was wrong. My conscience weighed and it was my need to apologize.”

According to the psychological evaluation, Lautaro Teruel has a “neurotic” personality and is repentant

Abuse against 11-year-old girl

According to the complaint from the mother of the minor, the abuse occurred when her daughter was 11 years old and the accused was 20 years old. The events occurred when his daughter was visiting Lautaro Teruel’s house to play with a nephew of the accused, who was the same age. He pointed out that there were several events and that they began when his daughter was in fifth grade.

After the sexual assaults suffered by the girl, the woman began to take her to a psychologist because she was self-injuring and had eating problems. In addition, she said that she also had an abrupt change in behavior, she was locked in her bedroom or ran away from the house, and she began to hang out with young people older than her, some of whom used prohibited substances.

The prosecutor also took into account in his allegation that the psychologist of the Specialized Corps of Investigators of the Salta Public Prosecutor’s Office stated in her report that the victim “suffered an invasion into his psychosexuality“, while witnesses, family and friends, confirmed during the debate” drastic changes in the mood of the second victim.


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