Thammy's wife revolts after being accused of coup

to model Andressa Ferreira, wife Thammy Miranda, used his Instagram profile this Thursday (13), to counter a controversial comment by a follower about his relationship with the councilor. She went accused of giving a “coup”.

After opening a box of questions, an internet user sent a message where pointed out that she would have married Gretchen’s son out of financial interest. The famous one promptly defended herself and assured that she already had her own money before the wedding.

“I was rich long before I met Thammy! Not because I came from a rich family, no. Because I always tried hard to get where I wanted! I’ve always studied”, began Bento’s mother, who is two years old.

“When I met Thammy, I already had my own apartment, my car, I had traveled a lot around the world. A woman who values ​​herself doesn’t need to be with anyone out of interest,” he added.

Soon after, Andressa shot another person, who talked about her being married to a woman. “But I’m not married to a woman. Tammy transformed. If he wasn’t famous and you met him, there would be no doubt about it. He is man! But if I went, I wouldn’t have any problem, even because I’ve dated women,” she said.

Gretchen’s slide with Thammy caused controversy

Recently Thammy ended up generating controversy on social media after being called by Gretchen in the female pronoun. At the time, the video quickly went viral, yielding high comments about the singer’s slip.

In an interview with columnist Fábia Oliveira, from the portal Em OFF, the councilor insisted on minimizing the buzz and assured that the mother is not a transphobic person. Thammy said she struggles to understand her changes and that it’s natural to make mistakes at times.

“Escapes sometimes. It’s normal, she doesn’t mean to. It’s 32 years calling her. She super respects me and sees me as a man, but she escaped. I could have deleted or not even posted the video, but I didn’t see the point. Everything is a process… It escapes from time to time”, said the politician.

Despite the criticism, there were also people who took the opportunity to send messages in defense of the famous. “Has called Thammy by the male pronoun hundreds of times in the media. She deserves every indulgence possible, because she is a mother and can be confused at times because of custom.. It certainly wasn’t provocation or mimimi, as many make a point of calling the old pronoun out of sheer prejudice and lack of what to do. There are people who take pleasure in being unbearable”, said an internet user.

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