Thanks to the cannon

Thanks to the investigations carried out by the agents of the Dangerous Drugs Directorate of the Missions Police, aimed at combating drug trafficking and drug dealing, in the afternoon of yesterday, At the bus terminal in the city of Posadas and with the support of “Magnum”, a dog trained to detect narcotics, the police officers managed to seize a luggage with more than 3 kilograms of marijuana.

The procedure was performed when the undercover detected among a group of people who expected a collective with destination to the province of Salta, yet individual nervously carrying a suitcase Large size.

Given this, the officers identified the passenger who turned out to be a 22-year-old young man from Salta, in which they requested the presence of the dog and contacted the Federal Court of Posadas. Then the specialist in charge of the dog ordered him to sniff the suitcase and its interior.

Thanks to the cannon “Magnum”, drugs were detected at the Posadas terminal.

“Magnum” marked that his partner was positive and the agents opened the luggage. Inside they found a substance inside a burlap bag, which after the orientation test tested positive for cannabis sativa weighing 3 kilograms and 398 grams with a capacity of $ 363,586 pesos. The intervening magistrate ordered the kidnapping of the drug and the notification of the case to the young man.

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