Photo by Roza Abramova

Music school No. 96 in the Fili-Davydkovo district will move to Malaya Filevskaya street, a separate building has already been allocated for it. Residents of the district turned to a TV journalist Evgeny Popov with a request to assist in resolving their issue, after which the TV journalist drew the attention of the media to the problem of a music school huddled on a modest square, and, accordingly, the mayor’s office of the capital. After the meeting of the Mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin and TV journalist Yevgeny Popov, an agreement was reached on the allocation of a new separate building for the school.

“I am glad that the problem was resolved quickly enough. Of course, this is the merit of the parents, their activity. They were persistent and constantly reminded the authorities of the need to provide children with more comfortable conditions for playing music. A meeting with the mayor of the city, who responded to people’s requests, helped speed up the process. Ahead is the trouble of repairing the premises and improving the adjacent territory. Hope it doesn’t take long. I will keep the situation under control, ”the TV presenter said.

More than a million metropolitan children aged 8 to 15 receive additional education in the network of children’s creativity institutions, which includes 150 colleges and art schools. This network is the largest in the world, in addition, more than 80% of the circles attended by children are free.

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