Thanks to YouTube, they lead the life of a castle in France

Owner of the castle of Lalande, in the Indre, the British Stephanie Jarvis feared having to part with it due to financial difficulties. It was thanks to her unexpectedly successful YouTube channel that she was able to keep it, inspiring other budding lords.

In 2005, Stephanie Jarvis set her sights on a very unusual residence: a 16th century castle, with its forty rooms and its adjoining chapel, in the heart of the Indre department, in the Center-Val de Loire region. . To raise the 590,000 pounds needed – more than 700,000 euros – she pooled her resources with a friend, relates the BBC : everyone has swapped “His two-room apartment in London” against the castle of Lalande. “French castles of this type were relatively inexpensive at the time”, specifies the British channel.

The goal was to open guest rooms on the property and rent it out for events. Stephanie Jarvis, however, recognizes “That she had not realized how expensive the maintenance of such a monumental and ancient building would be”. At the start of 2020, when the castle was not yet bringing him any profit, the confinement linked to the Covid-19 pandemic forced the lord of the castle to completely close the property.




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