The 14 best romantic series on Netflix

Crazy Ex Girlfriend (2015-2019)

Anyone who fears tooth decay from the kitsch in “Emily in Paris” should and can treat themselves to a hearty bite of this wonderfully subversive, self-deprecating, hilariously funny and deeply emotional series: “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” by and with the borderline genius Rachel Bloom (she received a Golden Globe for the role in 2016!) tells the story of attorney Rebecca Bunch, who in a hurry decides to leave New York and move to West Covina, California – all because of her childhood sweetheart, Josh Chan (Vincent Rodriguez III). , who just happened to cross her path.

Impulsive Rebecca is convinced Josh is the love of her life – a love who “quite coincidentally” also resides in West Covina. But Josh is already engaged to the attractive bitch Valencia (Gabrielle Ruiz). A crazy stalking journey begins in which really everything is allowed.

What could have been a cheesy smack and shallow rom-com is actually an analysis of grotesque interpersonal behavior, carried by endearingly quirky characters and – beware! – catchy nonsense musical numbers. Because “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” is a musical dramedy, but very far away from glossy productions like “Glee” or “Smash”: Here, romance is brushed against the grain with dedication and a desire to deconstruct, played with clichés and a Showed an affinity for playful running gags that haven’t been seen since “How I met your mother”.

This series experience is rounded off by a rapid narrative pace, rom-com parody, delicious meta-humor, tongue-in-cheek feminism and courage to deal with very serious topics.

Here’s the link to the series!

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