The 20 best series with strong women

Let’s face it: Even though we live in the 21st century, women are unfortunately still not equal in many areas, even if nobody with half a brain understands why that is.

Women are still underpaid in many jobs, women’s teams are often not taken seriously in sports and contemptuous jokes about women (driving a car! parking! blondes!) are not uncommon in everyday life.

Thank God there are TV series. Because they are not just there for entertainment and relaxation, they can also show what the world could look like, or what it already looks like, even if we don’t always (want to) notice it.

When it comes to strong female characters in series, an incredible amount has happened in recent decades, especially in recent years – since Netflix, Amazon and Company – complex, authentic and, above all, self-determined female characters are no longer a rarity. What’s more: meanwhile, female heroes in all nuances are far more interesting characters than their male counterparts – and often far more popular.

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