3 o'clock: What was the main news of this January 13?  (+ Podcast)

On more than one occasion I have heard people say that there are jobs for which you are born. It is not like that, one hundred percent of the time, but I have met people who have qualities and ideas that are not learned, that are carried in the DNA. Abel Bajuelos is one of those people who has the ability to create and innovate embedded in his DNA.

Every day it reinvents itself in the face of material shortages, and more recently due to the pandemic. His Addimensional venture, a design and additive manufacturing service (3D printing), which emerged at the end of 2014, is now an MSME with many potentialities.

Today in three o’clock in the day we talked with Abel  Bajuelos, leader of this enterprise. In addition to the news of this January 14.

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