The 5 best movies and series about male strippers

“Magic Mike,” the story centered around stripper Mike, who in turn was portrayed by stripper-turned superstar Channing Tatum and directed by Steven Soderbergh was both sexy and layered the Surprise hit in 2012. The cinema suddenly became a back alley red light bar, lustful women flocked to the cinema as well as more lustful gays and hostile men who wanted to see what their dear partner meant when she said “Be more like Channing Tatum !” hurls against.

The guys in the movie? Pure sex objects, which elicited malicious as well as lustful reactions from the female audience. But the men doing such shady things on screen enjoyed being adored. Admittedly, if you look like Tatum, Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello, Alex Pettyfer, Adam Rodriguez or Matthew McConaughey, you probably have less inhibitions about making a fool of yourself half-naked on stage. Or in this case rather: To the sexy fireman. Or construction workers. Or ken. Or ….

Can be seen on AppleTV+ and Amazon Prime Video. Here’s the movie!

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