The 6 best films with Reese Witherspoon

Everyone’s favorite campus beauty at her Southern California university, Elle Woods, who majors in fashion, is sure her boyfriend Warner Huntington III. will propose to her. But instead of putting the six-carat engagement ring on her finger, the scion of a respected senator family tells her that he wants to break up with her.

He now has to work seriously on his career as a senator, and a superficial blonde like Elle is just a block on his leg. He’s also going to Harvard Law School on the East Coast anyway to study law. After the initial shock has passed, Elle decides not to give up easily. Her plan: She will also go to Harvard to win back Warner, whatever the cost.

Here Reese Witherspoon is seen in what is probably her most iconic role. As a seemingly naïve blonde, she breaks with the prejudices that are held against her and made the film a huge success. Rightly so: Witherspoon’s flair for situation comedy is unbeatable here. In 2003 the sequel “Legally Blonde 2” was released and now a third part starring Reese Witherspoon is being planned.

“Legally Blonde” is available on Amazon Prime Video, Sky Store and AppleTV. Click here for “Naturally Blond”!

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