The 7 best Italian series on Netflix

Astrological Guide to Broken Hearts (since 2021)

Alice is in her thirties and still single. She works at a small TV station in a job with limited advancement opportunities, though she’s often the most competent in the room. To make matters worse, her ex-boyfriend Carlo is about to get married and become a father. As if that weren’t enough, her job is also at stake: Davide, the new charming and mysterious creative director of the small television production company she works for, puts everyone to the test.

Alice’s life takes a turn, however, when she meets Tio, an actor on the network’s hit soap opera who, as a self-proclaimed astrological guru, has a personal “astrological guide for broken hearts.”

If the Italians are good at one thing, it’s hitting all the keys on the emotional piano and suffering, loving and living like crazy. The touching comedy is smart, cheeky and perfect for cozy evenings.

Here’s the link to the series!

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