The absence of students continues to reign in schools
Teachers carry out activities with their students outside the classrooms.

The wave of COVID-19 infections is one of the causes of the discouraging environment that is seen in educational centers in the national territory.

The parents of the Santa Teresa de Jesús basic school have even been sent letters of motivation so that they return to take their children to the classrooms, but these have not yielded the expected results, since in three days of teaching attendance continues to be low .

This was reported yesterday by the director of the center, María Tavares, who explained that in the restart of the school year, only five percent of the 610 enrolled students have attended the classrooms.
He stressed that despite the opposition against the return to the presence of the Dominican Association of Teachers (ADP), the teachers of the school are going to fulfill their teaching duties, but are without students in the class sections.

Likewise, the República de Colombia center of excellence is also maintained without the attendance of students.

Paula Paula, teaching coordinator of the academy of studies, attributed the nullity of students in the classrooms to the fear of the parents to the viral disease.

He stated that teachers and students were infected with Sars Cov 2 in the first period of classes; however, he stressed that this did not prevent further development of the school calendar.

He reported that at the moment they have eight of 35 educators confined in their homes because they tested positive for the pathology.
However, he indicated that other members of the teaching staff will take over the classrooms that are left without teachers, until those infected with the coronavirus can overcome the ailment.

Safe places

According to Darwin Caraballo, president of the Business Action for Education (Educa), data from hundreds of scientific articles from the most prestigious research centers in the world and also from the Dominican Republic, indicate that schools are safe spaces.

“This is valid for students, but also for teachers and adults. Schools that comply with rigorous health security protocols are also a socializing and educating space for behaviors that favor better health care. They have always been and even more so in times of pandemic, “said the head of the entity in a statement.

He stressed that there is no reason to fear for the health and integrity of children and adults in schools.
He said that the risk that the educational community runs within the campuses is less than in any other public space.
He argued that the interruption of training processes causes a marked deterioration in the competence of students, particularly in the areas of mathematics and languages.

Deplores ADP position

Caraballo regretted the attitude of the Dominican Association of Teachers (ADP) about not returning to the presence, especially because of the investment that the State is making in education for this year.

In this sense, he declared that in 2022 the Government will allocate a budget to the Ministry of Education (Minerd) that will exceed 231 thousand 147 million pesos.

“These resources do not come out of nowhere. They come from the efforts of companies and people who pay their taxes, and which the State distributes, privileging this sector over others for believing in its capital importance. In fact, it is so important on the agenda that the Dominican Republic has positioned itself as the country that allocates the most public resources to education at a global level ”, he stressed.

Teachers ratified their position not to return to classrooms, amid the reappearance of covid-19 cases.

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