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Colo Colo

The Colo Colo squad met for the well-deserved celebration of the Chile Cup obtained just over a month ago. Leonardo Gil showed off and got all the applause in the celebration for his remarkable look: a black and white shirt.

The Colorado Gil drew applause with his look at the colocolino celebration.

Colo Colo

© Capture InstagramThe Colorado Gil drew applause with his look at the colocolino celebration.

Better late than never, and they know it well in Colo Colo, so Wednesday night the white team gathered at an event center in Santiago to celebrate the Copa Chile title that they won more than a month ago.

The tight schedule of the National Championship prevented the Cacique from celebrating the trophy accordingly, but finally the wait came to an end and players, coaching staff and club workers got together to live a pleasant moment.

Yes indeed, There was something besides the Cup that drew attention, and that is that the daring look of Leonardo Gil took all the attention and drew applause from the white fans on social networks.

El Colorado arrived at the event with an innovative shirt, half white and half black, totally ad hoc for the colocolina occasion.

The records of the memorable day in commemoration of the crown achieved on September 4 were shared by the players themselves, their girlfriends and team staff, giving an account of the happy atmosphere that was experienced.


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