The anti-vaccines take complaints to the National Palace: "They are not going to poison us"

The groups that are against the COVID-19 vaccines took their expression of indignation this Thursday in front of the National Palace, where they demanded that President Luis Abinader revoke the sanitary measures against those who have not wanted to inject the drugs.

Around 100 people prostrated themselves at the intersection of Doctor Delgado and Mexico avenues, where they described as a “dictatorship” and as “arbitrary” the restrictions of the Ministry of Public Health to prohibit certain services and entrances to places to people who have not been placed none of the doses against COVID-19.

Francisco Peña, one of the protesters, mentioned Article 42 of the Constitution, which cites: “Everyone has the right to have their physical, mental, and moral integrity respected, and to live without violence,” and in that sense, he said that you can put something (vaccine) that you don’t know will harm you.

“The president is violating all constitutional rights and articles 38, 39, 42, 61, 300 and 301,” said Pena.

Another man who identified himself as Dr. Eddy Samuel Méndez said that the coronavirus vaccine affects people’s DNA and that deaths, heart problems and infertility have been reported.

Méndez indicated that he respects whoever wants to be vaccinated, but considered that the Government cannot force those who express otherwise.

Víctor Reyes, other of those outraged, mentioned that prestigious scientists suggest not to be vaccinated, because, according to he said, the drugs have graphene dioxide, magnesium and that the pharmaceutical companies are committing genocide.

Wendy Santiago asked President Abinader to issue a decree in favor of those who decided not to get vaccinated and to let them use public services, such as transportation vehicles, which they bought with the Protestants’ money.

“We don’t want to be lab rats; I hope they understand us, ”said Santiago, who carried the Dominican flag on his body.

The groups of protesters were watched by members of the National Police, and traffic on these roads was fluid.

With the total opening of the country, the Government established restrictions for those who decided to stay outside the National Vaccination Plan, through which more than five million people have been vaccinated.

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