The APD questions the use of the Covid Safe Ticket throughout Wallonia: "It should only apply to the province of Liège"

The ODA report was sent to Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo (PS) on Monday night and recommends that the government correct its copy, although the opinion is not binding.

The Authority considers that the use of the CST should be limited to what is “strictly necessary” – including from a territorial point of view. In its analysis, the DPA notes that the Risk Assessment Group (RAG), the group of experts in charge of risk assessment, recommends it only for the province of Liège, which has an alert level 4. other provinces, which have an alert level 2, the RAG is considering a CST recommended for events and mandatory only for dance halls and discos. The RAG experts also considered that it was preferable to harmonize the measures at the provincial level.

“We are faced with fundamental rights that cannot be alienated or restricted except in specific situations,” points out Alexandra Jaspar, director of ODA. “Here, an organ has concluded that, in the province of Liège, the situation is problematic. But in the other provinces, the situation is not so critical.”

Faced with this finding, the ODA questions the fact that the government wants to impose “the use of the CSE on the entire territory of the French-speaking region.”

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