the application of the TSA in the hotel and catering industry, an ineffective measure?

From this Friday, October 15, all Brussels residents over 16 years old must be in possession of a Covid Safe Ticket (CST) if they wish to go to a Horeca establishment (except outside), a discotheque, a sports club (excluding school setting), a trade fair, a cultural, festive and recreational event or in a building for vulnerable people. For access to mass events (50 people indoors, 200 outdoors), in hospitals and nursing homes, on the other hand, CSTs are required from 12 years old.

In Wallonia, the date of application of the pass is specified: “The text in preparation will probably be debated next week in the Walloon Parliament. A reasonable date would be mid-November for the implementation of this Covid Safe Ticket”, announces the Walloon deputy PS, Maxime Hardy, who adds that the CST is a complementary tool to vaccination.

For David Leisterh, president of the Brussels MR and Marius Gilbert, epidemiologist at ULB, however, the Covid Safe Ticket may not be the ideal solution in all cases: “I find that these last six months, we have not wanted enough to develop a series of alternatives such as ventilation which would perhaps allow us today not to impose this CST when the health situation is better than one year ago”, affirm David Leisterh. “We are for the application of the CST in large mass events and dance halls. But is it necessary to apply the CST in places as small as the Horeca?”

“I am not convinced of the effectiveness of the device at the macro level for the Horeca”, also adds Marius Gilbert. “Within the restaurant, the transmission will indeed be worse if there are only people vaccinated. But if we take the population as a whole, people who do not have CST will eat meals with friends at home. them. They have an alternative. Yes, CST gives a feeling of reward to those vaccinated, but is it really worth it?

Remember, however, that anyone who is not in good standing is liable to a possible fine of 50 to 500 euros for the offender and 50 to 2,500 euros for the organizer. Local authorities may also decide on the administrative closure of an establishment.

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