Roberto Feletti with the Chief of Staff, Juan Manzur.


Feletti was appointed last Saturday, through a communication from the Cabinet Headquarters, in the area that is under the orbit of the Ministry of Productive Development; while Spanish was transferred to fulfill functions within the Ministry of the Interior.

The secretary took office yesterday when he first held a meeting at the Casa Rosada with the Chief of Staff, Juan Manzur, and then did the same with the Minister of Productive Development, Matìas Kulfas, to “advance an agenda that allows us to strengthen the consumption and national production, “reported official sources.


Roberto Feletti with the Chief of Staff, Juan Manzur.

Head of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Nation

Feletti will hold his first meeting today with representatives of production and marketing, in which he will propose what will be the policy that he will carry out at the head of the portfolio.

The official will meet with “producers and marketers,” official sources explained to the Telam news agency, clarifying that it will be “a first meeting, in which the Secretariat’s policy will be discussed.

“It will be a rational, sensible and serious dialogue with the numbers in hand. It will not enable speculation of any kind. It will evolve into an institutional scheme of meetings always with the certainty that the main objective is the defense of purchasing power and the interests of consumers “, remarked official sources.

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