The postponement of the introduction of QR codes in non-food stores and cafes of St. Petersburg from December 1 to December 27 caused a wide public outcry. Smolny explained the reason for this decision by two factors.

As follows from the release distributed by the press service of the St. Petersburg administration, the delay in time gives citizens the opportunity to complete the vaccination cycle. The fact is that according to the original text of the decree, it was assumed that from December 1, for example, only those who had received both vaccinations would be able to get into a cafe, and citizens who had just started the course would have to additionally present a negative PCR test.

The second reason is that the epidemiological situation in the city inspires some optimism. For example, 1538 new cases of the disease were confirmed in St. Petersburg the day before. While, on November 12, 3421 new cases were detected, on November 18 – 2645.

True, Smolny warns that if the situation with the coronavirus deteriorates, the restrictions will increase.

It is worth noting that the city authorities have already warned of strengthening anti-coronavirus measures from December 27 to January 9.

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