“The Backrooms”: You can watch this horror film on YouTube!

A future master director in the horror genre is probably growing up there: Kane Parsons is only 16 years old and at the beginning of January he put his amateur found footage horror film entitled “The Backrooms” online on YouTube – and it immediately became a viral hit:

The short film, which lasts around ten minutes, has meanwhile received far more than 11 million clicks – and the trend is rising. Because the hype is real, horror lovers are falling over themselves with praise on social media, more and more people are discovering the debut work, which is reminiscent of found footage hits like “Blair Witch Project” or “Host”.

“Companies with a much bigger budget can’t even replicate something that scary,” writes a YouTube user, for example “Just some guy with a mustache” in the comments. “It’s really not for the faint of heart.”

users “btbrotherton” agrees: “Wow, this kid has a better understanding of what makes a movie scary than most of today’s Hollywood filmmakers.” The words “brilliant” and “masterpiece” are also used more often – and rightly so! “The Backrooms” is the best horror movie in years.

You can check out the scary shocker here:

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