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LThe community had been waiting for him for a long time after those innocent words from Ibai Llanos about setting up a World Cup. Many unknowns flew around that idea and Gerard Piqu’s entry into the equation has been decisive, with the consequent formalization of the Balloon World Cup., the name that has finally received a competition promises to make history on Twitch.

With Port Aventura as the venue and the purple platform as the main attraction for the spectators, the Balloon World Cup promises excitement and prizes for both the participants and the winners. Ibai Llanos will be in charge of casting all the action of an event that is unprecedented and that also presents a red carpet full of famous names.

This is the bracket of the Balloon World Cup, the Balloon World Cup organized by Ibai Llanos and Gerard Piqu.

Mongolia eliminates Mexican Chicken and is consumed as a candidate

Many expectations were placed on the Mexican representative, but the professionalism of the Mongolian ended up passing him by. The result was very short, since 3 points were enough for Mongolia to eliminate its rival, after a decisive entry by the “Eye of the Globe” that Nacho Tellado described as “the most complex play so far.”

mongolia balloon world cup

Mongolia grew after the first lost point and came back from the match, in the first round of the Balloon World Cup.

Per beats Bulgaria 6-4 in the first game in the history of the Balloon World Cup

He even had to enter the “Eye of the Globe”! With more than 400 thousand spectators watching, the first duel of the Balloon World Cup took place in Port Aventura, with 2 minutes of pure tension that ended up tipping the balance in favor of Peru.. Thus ended the participation of the Bulgarian representative, who became part of the public to continue witnessing an event without any parallel.

Parade of flags at the Balloon World Cup pre-gala

With all the elements prepared after the arrival of Gerard Piqu, the relevant parade of the 32 flags and the 32 participants representing their respective countries took place. With exciting music and the comments of Ibai Llanos, the gala was gaining shades of professionalism, always in line with the usual humor of the Basque streamer.

Ibai Llanos presents the Balloon World Cup with Ander Corts and Alfredo Duro

Just 24 hours after disputing the tests of The Rubius Squid Game, Ibai Llanos will take charge of one of the most important casts of his career, with the presentation as the initial element: “Ibai! But what madness is this?”Alfredo Duro exclaimed to unleash the applause of the public.

balloon world cup ibai llanos

Alfredo Duro, Ibai Llanos and Ander Corts presented the Balloon World Cup.

La Balloon World Cup, con aroma a rcord histrico de Twitch?

Ibai Llanos and Gerard Piqu have had several appearances before their fans in recent weeks and one of the most discussed topics, in addition to the mythical “nothing makes sense” that the Basque streamer provokes so much, is the issue of figures. Just as in the Boxing Evening a spectacular record was foreseen, in this Balloon World Cup the expectations were somewhat more humble.

Being the first edition of a ‘sport’ completely unpublished for the public, it is expected that this absence of lore will take a certain toll in terms of figures. After the successes of the Copa America and Ligue 1, Of course, everything that Ibai Llanos touches turns into gold, and Gerard Piqu’s entry did nothing but contribute to an unstoppable hype that should allow Twitch to explode. The limit? It is unknown.

ibai llanos gerard pique

Ibai Llanos posing with Gerard Piqu on the red carpet of the first edition of the Balloon World Cup.

The 3 referees of the World Globes

The official and verified social networks of the Balloon World Cup have been releasing information tablets about the future of the championship, which will feature a most extravagant refereeing troop. To get started, the main referee will be Rafa Guerrero, who will be accompanied by Cristbal Soria from the position of delegate and by Nacho Tellado, in charge of the “Eye of the globe”, the VAR of the event..

When and where to see the Balloon World Cup, organized by Gerard Piqu and Ibai Llanos

The most extravagant World Cup in sports history will start at 19:00 CET (Spanish peninsular time) on Thursday, October 14, 2021. The broadcast could be followed live all over the world through the Ibai Llanos Twitch channel, with the guaranteed free-of-charge of the purple platform. All support is welcome, as future editions will depend on it.

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