The band Nihils: premiere in the stratosphere

“These songs fou feel like a journey through space, to different planets and worlds, in search of a new home, but always with a view of our earth. They deal with the finiteness of our home planet, but also with the possibilities of making it a better place, with the discovery of new environments in which different laws of nature apply, and with emotions that we first have to explore. “

To celebrate the publication properly, the Nihils sent a special aircraft consisting of a weather balloon, two GPS trackers, a parachute, power banks, an action camera, microphones and a specially made speaker from Berlin into the stratosphere. During the two and a half hour flight, the EP was played in a loop at the highest possible altitude. The result is a 20-minute video that premieres tonight.

Under a question-and-answer session with the band can be seen from 7.30 p.m., followed by the stratospheric film.

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