The Bear Season 2 Trailer: The Gastro Mayhem Continues!

What is The Bear Season 2 about?

In Season 1, Carmy, played by the excellent Jeremy Allen White from “Shameless”, is trying to unite the restaurant team after his brother’s suicide and push them in a new direction. But despite his expertise and his ideas, which should bring a new structure to the hectic and stressful everyday work, not everything goes smoothly from the start… Warning, spoilers: In the season finale, the team must have struggled and they must realize that maybe the path they took wasn’t the right one after all…

For this reason they will (have to) reinvent themselves for season 2 – starting with the restaurant name, which is now “The Bear”.

Personally, I can’t wait to throw myself back into the kitchen hustle and bustle with Carmy & Co. and watch the cast cook, argue and fail full of tension and stress. Rarely has a series in which no one had to fight for their life shot up my adrenaline level so much.

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