“The Big Lebowski”: 25th anniversary for the cult film

There are very few films that cult status to reach. But when they do, idioms, scenes and allusions are burned into the collective memory. If you hear the title “The Big Lebowski” tbowling alleys, a rug or a bag full of hot laundry immediately come to mind. Exactly 25 years is it since that masterpiece the brothers ethane (65) and Joel Coen (68) was released in theaters on March 6, 1998.

In it, Jeffrey Lebowski is aka the “dude” (Jeff Bridges, 73) is surprised by two thugs in his apartment, who mistake him for the millionaire of the same name, aka “The Big Lebowski” (David Huddleston, 1930-2016), whose wife Bunny (Tara Reid, 47) is said to owe someone money. The film triggered a wave of excitement and hype surrounding the drink White Russian. But we didn’t just learn one cocktail recipe from the Dude.

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