The biggest beauty trend is throwing itself at you - 01/14/2022

The world is literally ending up in a ravine, but let’s take a dip in that beautiful escapism. Let’s talk about beauty trends for 2022.

The biggest fortune tellers of beauties point out blush as one of the great cute ones of the ride. And, look, it’s worth letting go of the shackles of imagination and forgetting those moldy “right and wrong” almanacs. You can go crazy. Have you ever seen me around telling you to position your blush where you naturally blush? Well, silly, forget it. You must have seen makeup professionals making complex primers about which blush color is best suited for different skin tones, right? Make a ball of paper with this info and throw it in the trash can.

She says that now what matters is using any color of blush and positioning it however you want! Just like that? Book, without rule, or commitment to perfection? Ah, just like that. Tik Tok has even gone viral with some purple blushes and such. “Oh, but this is too much for me. I think it’s horrible…”, some might say. So do not do. Leave it to the people who live on screens, every 15 seconds.

In any case, why not go over the top with your usual blush correction? Stop being so pushy, girl. Take advantage of that video meeting life will come back for a while and throw yourself into experimentation. Give these Zoom people a lively.

Another very popular trend is to adorn the face. “Euphoria” is back for a new season on TV and you’ve already seen it… Keep your skin the way you usually do and, when choosing the big tchan tchan tchan of your makeup, go for an adornment. Pearls, shiny stones, rhinestones, stars, little hearts…

Glue in one of the many haberdashery in your city and play! No, this trend will not infantilize you. It all depends on your choices. Can you imagine capturing that elegant eyeliner in a path of tiny sparkles? Look how chic! Think of your face as a surface suitable for the decorative arts. That’s it.

There’s a crowd betting on the triumphant return of gloss. Vinyl mouths! Crystallized, succulent, bezuntate lips… I always like to associate with food, see how far gluttony (ops, gluttony) reaches. But I’m not sure if this really catches on. I think we’re still going to wear masks for a long time. For now, I’m going to keep my red lipstick matte under the mask anyway, less work.

There is a whole population that doesn’t care about trends and will follow their dance in the lagoon. At peace, with the usual make-up, perhaps replacing one or another item with a more advanced option in terms of technology. All right. Classics will be classics and fart elegantly for some trends.

Moving slightly towards the ideological field, another trend pointed out is to pay attention to the actions and speeches of the brands, to see if they are in fact ornate, if they are coherent. Does the brand call itself clean beauty? Um, and buying from clean beauty distributors too? It goes from end to end in the search. be beautiful.

Finally, one more thing: vibrant colors and audacious shapes also seem to be one of the possible paths to beauty in 2022. For this trend, the rule is to “show up” with faith. And I already want to go to the paddoca with red eyeliner off my head and order my bread on the plate with drippings, as if nothing. Let them speak!

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