The robbery happened last year.

A woman with a request for international capture was detained in Wilde accused of having drugged and assaulted to a man in a Recoleta department, whom he met in the badoo dating app, last year.

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In October of last year, a 55-year-old man denounced that he had been drugged and mugged by a woman who called herself Tamara with which I had engaged a contact via the Badoo app. By that means they had both agreed to meet in their Department of Rodríguez Peña at 1200.

His memory of what happened in that meeting is a cloud. The last thing he remembers is that with the 39-year-old woman they shared a dinner and some drinks. That would have been the way in which the accused drugged the man to rob him.

The robbery happened last year.

The next morning the man was found naked and unconscious in the apartment by the domestic worker, who notified family members and was transferred to the Güemes sanatorium, where he remained 36 hours until regain consciousness, product of the ingestion of derivatives of benzodiazepines, a medicine that is given to treat seizures, insomnia or anxiety.

Once recovered, he was able to relate what happened and report the incident.

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How was the investigation to find the “black widow of Badoo”?

After filing the complaint, the Complex Computer Crimes Division of the City of Buenos Aires launched an investigation to establish the identity of the “black widow.” A computer tracking was made with orders to companies such as Badoo and WhatsApp, and telephony, with which the identity of the woman was achieved.

From the computer evidence, with the order of the National Criminal and Correctional Court 4, in charge of Martin Yadarola, A raid was carried out on the house of the accused, in Lobos at 1400, in Wilde, Avellaneda district, but the woman had escaped before the arrival of the officers.

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Meanwhile, on December 2, 2021, the intervening court ordered the international capture of the “Badoo black widow”, as the investigators baptized her, and the hijacking of the vehicle she was using, a Ford EcoSport pickup.

Based on inquiries and analysis of the information obtained, the investigators were able to determine that the accused was in the house of a sister, also in the Wilde area.

First, the officers found the car and then the woman was arrested on the public highway when she left her house.

The accused was investigated by Judge Yadarola, who after rejecting a request for release presented by the defense issued the prosecution with preventive detention of the 39-year-old woman.

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