Moro's indecision is not only the result of family or professional issues - 10/08/2021

Bolsonaro and his children will be the protagonists of the series that BBC Two is producing in partnership with the American PBS with the suggestive title “The Bolsonaros”, not unreasonably evocative of the Italian mafias. The three-chapter series is due to debut in March 2022 in Europe and the United States.

France 5, France’s public television channel, has also traveled the country in interviews with characters linked to the president. The goal is to premiere in May next year a 70-minute documentary that will focus on the government of the exotic Brazilian leader.

Because they have reality as their raw material, none of the films, when completed, will enhance the image of the former captain and not that of Brazil — never so disliked by the world.

The Anholt-Ipsos Nation Brands survey, released by BBC News Brasil in July, showed that the “Brazil brand” has gone into free fall since the beginning of the Bolsonaro government.

According to those responsible for the survey — which heard 20,000 people of different nationalities and intends to represent the opinion of 70% of the world’s population — the country’s reputational ruin, in the period, was the most significant ever recorded, and is a result, above all, of the shape how the Bolsonaro government managed the pandemic and environmental policy in the Amazon.

The ex-captain’s visit to the 26th Climate Change Conference, scheduled to start on the 31st, in Glasgow, will certainly not contribute to reversing this image.

As occurred in his participation in the last UN General Assembly, when he declared that Brazil is an “oasis for investors” and unraveled fallacious data about the preservation of the Amazon, Bolsonaro, in his usual record of Napoleon in a hospice, will say that few countries are committed to such ambitious goals in combating deforestation and offsetting carbon emissions. And, as usual, no relevant international leadership will take him seriously.

Once again, the immediate reflection of the presidential performance will be the increase in the flight of foreign capital and the depreciation, abroad, of Brazilian products – taking, of course, raw material for the production of stories about a government that, unfortunately, does not belongs to the universe of fiction.

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